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At Harris Precision Mold, after 19 years in business and with two divisions, we understand and appreciate the value of expert accounting.  In our early years we used a smaller bookkeeping firm for accounting and this history included an informative IRS audit that alerted us to the importance of working with a knowledgeable tax expert.  The past 5 years we have had the pleasure of working with Mike Scherrer as our CPA and been very pleased with his knowledge, service (quick timing and ease of meetings), and competitive fees.  Another trait I respect of Mike’s is his focused style and “to the point” communication.  He takes the time to understand the matter, and then efficiently and concisely deals out the work or advice.  I would highly recommend Mike and his firm to any company needing quality accounting.

Scott Harris

President, Harris Precision Mold, Tempe Arizona and West Jordan Utah

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