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Tax Planning and Compliance

Our tax professionals concentrate on tax planning as a year-round process, not just an annual return. Remember, the law says that you are under no obligation to pay more taxes than you legally owe. We provide planning and tax return preparation for:

· Individuals
· Sole proprietorships
· S and C Corporations
· Partnerships and LLC’s
· Estates and trusts

Cost Segregation Studies

A specialized tax planning service we offer is cost segregation studies for real estate. IRS rulings combined with a landmark court case have made it possible to realize a substantial increase in cash flows associated with the depreciation of real property.

Tax law requires commercial buildings to be depreciated over 39 years. Cost segregation identifies a portion of building costs as property which can be depreciated over 5 to 15 years. This results in increased depreciation deductions in the early years which produce substantial tax savings.

The IRS requires the use of qualified architects or engineers to perform parts of the study, so we have made arrangements with local professionals to assist us in helping you save money.

Financial and Estate Planning

In conjunction with our tax planning, we can review your overall financial situation. Effective financial planning allows you to accumulate and preserve wealth, and to protect your family’s future security. Our referred financial advisors can assist you with:

· Wills and trusts
· Estate planning
· Retirement planning
· Investment strategies and products

Business Accounting Services

Hiring a reliable CPA firm to analyze your financial statements can help you find solutions to accounting and business challenges. Using the familiarity with your company gained during the accounting process, we recommend steps to maximize profitability, to minimize taxation, and to improve efficiency.

We offer the following services for various sizes and types of companies:

· New business formation
· Entity selection
· QuickBooks setup
· Compiled financial statements

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